Bullseye Retros warranties all of our custom headlight build for one (1) year after the shipment date. This warranty covers any painting that we may have done against peeling or thinning and also the seal of the lights should any condensation or water buildup issues arrise.

HID/Retrofit components are warrantied for 2 years (bulbs, ballasts, and relay harness). Bullseye Retros does not warranty halos or LED strips since the parts are warrantied through their respective manufacturer.

Bullseye Retros does not warranty any labor charges incurred through any warranty work on these items by their respective manufacturer. Labor rates vary by job and you will be quoted if non warranty work is to be performed.

Bullseye Retros is not responsible for shipping (to or from) for any warranty claims.

Bullseye Retros cannot and will not be held responsible for damages obtained in shipping.

All items shipped are insured through their respective shipping companies and if damage occurs, Bullseye Retros will work with you on the claims process with the shipping company.

Bullseye Retros recommends professional installation of all products we sell and damage to lights due to improper installation will not be covered under warranty.